The College Council

1 Dr. P. V. Pushpaja Principal  
2 Dr. K. M. Udayanandan HoD Physics
3 Dr. T. Vijayan HoD Statistics
4 Dr. K. Jayashree Nair HoD History
5 P. V. Deepthi In-Charge Chemistry
6 Dr. M. Ambikasutan HoD Malayalam
7 Sudheesh M. K. In-Charge Physical Education
8 Dr. N. T. Supriya In-Charge Zoology
9 Dr. A. Ashokan HoD Economics
10 V. V. Purushothaman HoD Commerce
11 M. Vidya In-Charge English
12 Dr. C. Manjula In-Charge Botany
13 Dr. T. Dinesh In-Charge Mathematics
14 Dr. C. Jnaneswari In-Charge Hindi
15 Mithun A. V. In-Charge Computer Science
16 P. V. Sidharthan Elected Member Physics
17 Dr. K. Naseema Elected Member Physics
18 Lt. K. Nandakumar NCC Officer  
19 P. V. Baby Chandrika Jr. Superintendent  
20 P. Manojkumar Librarian  

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P.O. Padnekkat
Kasaragod (Dist.)
Kerala - 671314

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19 September 2016
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