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CK Nair Library is the heart of NAS College; spread over 6000 Sq.ft. area in two floors, slated to serve the educational informational and research requirements of the faculty, students and researchers of the college. Open source software Koha is used for library management operations and Digital Repository is made using Dspace.Library houses more than 31655 books and subscribes more than 80 journals and magazines. Open access system is followed in the library and the books are well stacked in accordance with International Dewey Decimal System. The Library is well ventilated, lighted and aired to facilitate comfortable seating.

New Arrivals

  • Contemporary Fiction: The Novel Since 1990
  • An Era of Darkness
  • History of English Literature
  • The Indian Economy Since 1991
  • Indian Mathematics
  • The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
  • The Physics of Everyday Things
  • Sita
  • Swarga
  • The Wonder That Was India


Number of Students  1235
Number of Faculty  74
Number of Non-Teaching Staff  30

Working Hours

Working hours of the library : 9.00 am to 4.30 pm
Circulation of books : 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
During Exam times : 8.30 am to 5 pm


Library Membership is offered to the current students, researchers and staff of the college. Library reference facilities are extended to non-members also.


Library offers circulation services, reference services, Electronic information services, Digital Library services, consultancy services, reprography services etc. to the users.

Circulation Services

Books are circulated among the users of the college. The members are eligible to borrow the number of books given against each category.

Cateogry No. of Books Loan Period (Days)
Teaching Staff 10 14
Students (U.G.)  3 14
Students (P.G.)  5 14
Research Scholars  5 14
Non-Teaching Staff  5 14
Guest Lecturers  5 14


The library has undergone a great deal of development in terms of its collection of information resources in both print and electronic format during the last five years. The statistics of the collection is given below.

Resource Statistics

Sl. No. Item Count
1 Books 31665
  Book (Titles) 19305
2 Journals 84
  Journals (International) 18
  Journals (Indian) 36
  Journals (Peer Reviewed) 20
  Boun Volumes 1439+
  Magazines 23
3 Newspapers 11
4 Career Resources  
  Books 112
  Magazines 10
5 Books Under Various Schemes 174
  NET Coaching 66
  Entry-In-Service 46
  Remedial Coaching 62

News Papers

    1. Chandrika
    2. Deepika
    3. Deshabhimani
    4. Kerala Kaumudi
    5. Maadhyamam
    6. Malayala Manorama
    7. Mathrubhumi
    8. Janmabhumi
    9. Business Line
    10. The Hindu
    11. The New Indian Express


Library Advisory Committee

An active Library Advisory Committee, working under the chairmanship of Principal, meets at regular intervals for discussing the policy matters related with the library. The other members of the committee include Heads of the Departments, faculty members, Librarian and a representative from the student community. The committee will be reconstituted every year and the members of the Library Advisory committee for the academic year 2017-18 are:

Sl. No. Name Designation Role
1 Dr. Pushpaja P. V. Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Manoj Kumar P. Librarian Secretary
3 Dr. Ambikasutan M. Associate Prof., Malayalam Dept. Member
4 Dr. K. V. Murali Assistant Prof., Physics Dept. Member
5 Dr. Prajith P. K. Assistant Prof., Botany Dept. Member
6 Mrs. Sabitha A. Assistant Prof., Commerce Dept. Member
7 Mr. Mithun A. V. Assistant Prof., Computer Science Dept. Member
8 Miss. Haritha College Union Chairperson Student Rep.

Other Informations

About Library

The birth of the college was the birth of the library also on 18th August 1968, with William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as the first accessed book. Though functioned as a junior college, we could access 856 titles in the first year itself. Sri Rajendran Nair joined as Librarian in 1971.

With a period of ten years the college became a senior college and the library was able to collect 2800 titles.It was the peculiar devotion of Prof. C.K.Narayanan, who became the principal in 1978, and the particular interest of Prof. Jacob Mathew, Dept. of English, that became instrumental in the fast growth of the library. The honest and industrious effort of librarian brought order, discipline and strength for the library. The whole hearted cooperation of Sri C.K. Nair, Manager, in providing for the needs of the college library was the foundation of the strength. In 1985, even before the college came under the purview of UGC grant schemes the library was able to acquire 8000 books and subscribe to 40 periodicals and 8 newspapers. The generous cooperation and effort of the faculty members of various teaching departments in the acquisition of books must be specially mentioned here. The technical work of cataloguing and classification was completed in 1988, with index cards under Author, Title, and Subject Classification separately according to International Dewey Decimal system. The work was done by the particular effort of Sri Rajendran Nair, librarian and Sri P.Padmanabhan, library assistant, under the guidance of Prof. Jacob Mathew. Addition of Encyclopedia Britannica to the library collection on 5th February 1989 was a landmark in the listing of our library.

Sri. Rajendran Nair, the founder librarian of the college retired from the service on 30th June 2005. Library is shifted to the new building of 6000 sq. ft. area in 2 floors named as CK Nair Library. The new library is well ventilated, lighted and aired to facilitate comfortable reading and learning. Thereafter Sri. P Padmanabhan took the charge of the library as Librarian IV grade and got retired from the service in the year 2009. Sri Manoj Kumar P, the current librarian joined the college as UGC Librarian in 1st July 2010.

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